Dispensing Optician

Paul Croft

Loud, family man, slim even though I can pack away a ton of food!

I’m Crofty aka Paul Croft. I picked up the nickname when I was six and it has stuck, so Crofty it is.

90% of my working life has been in Optics and I love it. I love getting to know your personality and then seeing the impact a frame has on you. I geek out on lens tech and frame tech – it gives me a buzz.

Outside of The Oculist I’m passionate about photography and about family.

I have 8 children. Boom!! … well 3 are step children but they are all the same to me. Dad’s taxi is a big thing in our house. Thankfully I’m good at logistics.

I’m a keen photographer. I love wildlife and landscape photography. Days off and some nights are spent at local nature reserves getting my daily step count in and taking some pics.

I’m one of those annoying people who can eat and eat and eat but I stay slim. Thank you metabolism – I hope you don’t desert me!

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