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Children's glasses

Whether it’s for everyday wear or the rare glimpse of sunshine, The Oculist stock an exciting array of children’s glasses and sunglasses designed to fit all ages, from babies to young teenagers.


Their award-winning eyewear has been developed by eye surgeon Dr Julie Diem Le especially for children 0-12 years. Since 2006 they have been creating beautiful hand crafted frames and sunglasses made to EU safety standards. In 2012 they were chosen to produce the official London Olympic sunglasses for kids.

Mykita First

Carrying on the distinctive MYKITA design aesthetic, FIRST introduces a range of fourteen models: seven optical and seven sunglass frames. Specifically designed for children aged eight and older, the frames are sturdy yet ultimately light. Selected models feature bright temple tips that simply add to the fun. Sunglasses are fitted with tinted ZEISS lenses that provide maximum glare control, plus 100% protection against UV rays.

Anne et Valetin

Anne&Valentin’s sole existence is due to… Anne and Valentin. When these two forces of nature were struck by lightning during a chance encounter. Fate offered them a future, which they shared professionally and personally for thirty years, their hearts beating as one. The deeply united couple spent their lives nurturing and expanding their brand over time.

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