Optometrist director

Gerry Sondh

I’m fussy and I’m chilled until I’m not chilled, but I’m still fussy.

I’m a details guy. Get all the details right and everything takes care of itself. I’m a people person. Surround yourself with great people and great things happen.

My intro to Optics was 1993. I liked the combination of fashion and clinical skills wrapped up together in a retail business so the industry seemed like a natural fit.

My first optics job was as a Saturday boy. I was “not too bad” at the eye stuff so I quickly progressed to a qualified Dispensing Optician, then to an Optometrist, then a Glaucoma specialist and now The director at The Oculist Opticians (Est 2007) and Glimpse Opticians (Est 2017).

Outside my day job I enjoy cooking, craft beer & fine wine, watching sport, playing sport, travelling, building things and having a lot of fun.

Cooking is something I do to unwind. Sunshine, a smoking Kamado Joe, some good tunes, family, friends and a few beers – that’s my perfect evening.

I’m a lifelong Spurs fan born and bred in North London. A tiny cockney twang still creeps out after a beer or two. I still play vets football. I’m a fair-weather social golfer and always take the Tiger line. I ski every year and enjoy a bit of e-mountain biking and boxing. Not at the same time, although that would be funny!

The rest of my time I am a taxi driver for my two beautiful children and the ‘perfect’ husband (Ha Ha – this is my profile I can write what I like).
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