keep your spectacles a spectacle

After care

So, you’ve had your new glasses a while now. You’ve been stopped numerous times to be told how great you look in your new frames (we assume). Want the feeling to never wear off? Then let us help you keep your glasses in tip top shape. We have a spectacle cleaning kit you can buy which is a handy, compact version of what we use to keep your glasses great.

1. Don't use your t-shirt!

When cleaning your glasses it is really important to make sure that you have removed anything that may scratch the lens. Avoid using tissues, paper towels and even your favourite cashmere jumper is not ideal either.

Clean them daily, using the cleaning spray and a clean lens cloth. Spray the lens and frame. Wipe with one part of your cloth and buff with another part.

It’s easy to forget to clean your cloth. A dirty cloth simply smears more dirt across your lovely lenses. Washing your cloth every month will make a huge difference. A normal wash is adequate but avoid fabric conditioner. Replace your cloth annually.

The cleaning spray is specially formulated to clean your lenses. It keeps your lens coating working to it’s maximum effect.

2. Keep them in the case

Keep them in the case when not in use, and avoid placing them lens side down on any surface.

3. Keep a cool head

Avoid big changes in temperature. This has the effect of breaking down the coating on your lenses. So avoid using hot water, leaving your glasses on your car dash board, or on top of a hot radiator.

4. Remove your glasses with two hands

This keeps them fitting perfectly and avoids you putting pressure on the temples.

5. Six monthly free service

Come in and we will check your frame over to make sure nothing needs replacing. An ultrasonic cleaner is available if they need some serious attention. We will also refit your glasses to make sure they’re working just right. While all this is being done you can relax and enjoy one of our world famous coffees.

Your fit and my gosh don't we know it

Have your eyewear re-fitted

General everyday wear can lead to your eyewear slackening. Team Oculist are at hand to adjust, re-fit, clean and sprinkle magic dust over your eyewear (OK the magic dust bit is made up).

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